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Sinatra - Photos Not for the Faint of Heart

Sinatra came to us emaciated and with the most gruesome leg injury I've ever seen or smelled. We had to have his leg amputated. Our fantastic vets did an amazing job with him. As he was on the mend, he started breaking out in blisters all over his body, followed by a late night bout of respiratory distress. Again we thought we might lose him.

Dr. Batt diagnosed him with Canine Babesiosis, an infection so rare that few in our area had ever heard of it! It took hundreds of phone calls to track down medicine the medicine (wasn't currently in production) and a late night emergency transport to get him the medicine he needed for treatment. Though the treatment helped, his blood tests were still not great, and he needed a blood transfusion. We started to wonder if we were doing this poor baby a disservice by continuing to save him from his list of severe health issues.

We enlisted our once-emaciated-puppy now thick-chunky-hunk-of-love Mike Hat to be his blood donor. His recovery since then had been amazing. He's a happy, playful, handsome fella whose blood test results are almost that of a healthy dog!

He was adopted by his foster mom's roommate and finally looks like the real boy he was meant to be.

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