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What about people standing outside a Petsmart on a Saturday with adoptable animals makes folks want to be jerks?

If they aren’t complaining that we’re out in this weather (too hot, too cold, too sunny, too windy), the fact that this pup doesn’t like strangers, we’re accused of making money off of animals, or a dogs bowl is out of water so they go tell the manager instead of just letting us know. The dude that was just rude to me and my volunteers bragged about being a PETA supporter, but crapped all over us.

He asked me what happened to these animals when they didn’t get adopted. I answered that they go into volunteers’ homes until they get adopted. He then asked me if I gas them. I told him we’re a rescue, we only pull who we can help. Then a volunteer walked up and asked me a health question about a dog who was recently spayed. He interrupts, tells us he wasn’t done talking, and says he just wanted me to answer a few questions. I ask what they are, and he proceeds to ask me the same questions that I just answered. I answered them again, as another volunteer walked up and told him our process step by step, because at this point, my naive self is just figuring out that this man is trying to pick a fight with someone he perceives as his enemy.

What is he trying to accomplish? Does he think he’s helping? Is he gonna go home and give himself a pat on the back for a job well done? I don’t know what he’s doing to help homeless animals, but I know that four of us were giving up our Saturday to find them homes. And we do it every Saturday and every Sunday. Good for him for putting us in our place!

In other news, here are some the animals that found homes today through Rolling River Ranch and Rescue.

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