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Here we go!

Well fellow rrrrescuers, I swore I'd start a blog speaking about the goings-on of the rescue this year, so here we are. It's still January, and we've done it! Here's the blog!

Today our Dominick went on a sleepover with a wonderful family with lots of kids, and he LOVES kids, so we have high hopes.

Nola, our pittie girl who was found locked in a kennel with another dog who had torn up her face, got her second immiticide injection today. She's come an incredibly long way from the girl so sick and bloated with fluid from being in heart failure due to her heartworms. She was touch and go for awhile, but it looks like she'll be looking for a home soon!

Bumpus came by for his 4th set of vaccines today, so we won't see him again unless he swings in for a visit! We love it when our kiddos come back to say hi though, so we hope that's often.

We got a sweet update for our little buddy Ziggy who we pulled out of the shelter with eyes so dry and infected that he hadn't been able to close them in months AT LEAST. We tried a few different treatments, including spinning his own blood into a serum to try to save his sight, but they were too far gone. He had to have a double enucleation, but he has recovered incredibly well and is now in fospice care with the most loving family. He snuggles with the kids, and goes everywhere with his fospice mom, in his doggie sling.

Well furless folks, I've got to start preparing the post for tomorrow's event, so have a great night, chat soon!

Permanent Wink and Loving Snub

Annabelle Rosalie


Rolling River Rescue

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