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Fospice Friday Feature! Noah the wandering immortal Dogador.

One of our most hardworking volunteers saw a stray dog one night as she was driving. He was in absolutely hideous condition with patchy fur and protruding ribs. He was an absolute mess, running the streets scavenging for food, looking like he hadn't had a home in years.

She got out of her car and lured him in and called me, asking what she should do. We had no foster open right that second, so she dropped him off at the 24hr vet and we contacted the parish shelter the next day. These were the photos she texted that night.

Once we secured a spot for Noah, we got back in touch with the shelter director at St. John the Baptist Parish. She had graciously gone above and beyond by holding on to him for us, and we took him in to rescue. We brought him in to our amazing vets at Batt Veterinary Services. The prognosis after his exam and blood panel was not great. Noah was not destined to be the amazing resurrection story I'd hoped. He was an old man, chronically malnourished and dehydrated, in kidney failure, ear infections, skin infections, teeth ground down to almost nothing. There was no real cure for much of it, but our trusted vets said we could try maintenance and see what happened. Who found Noah? He lucked out, and against all odds was found by a member of the rrrrescue team. Who would we help if not poor sweet souls like Noah who despite clearly having had years of neglect, cruelty, and loneliness still wagged his sweet little half bald dirty tail?

It has been over a year since Noah came to Rolling River Rescue. His fospice mom, Grace, takes amazing care of him. He gets to go on vacations with her family and his foster sister (Skylar the golden) and experiences love and the comfort of an indoor air conditioned home with regular food and vet care. His bloodwork has actually improved, which is remarkable for his age and condition. Our incredible vets deserve much of the credit, but most of all the unconditional, devoted love and care of his incredible foster family.

Noah could use your help too! His medications cost us roughly $250 monthly. We have over 7,600 followers. If only 50 people set up a recurring donation of $5 a month, we would never have to worry about Noah's vet bills again.

Caring for the older/sick abandoned pets in our state is an important part of our mission. Help us care for Noah and pets like him by signing up for a recurring donation on our website at .

Thank you so much for reading Noah's story,


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