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Bumble the Wonkiest Kitten

In April we took in sick kitten that was found by herself in rural Louisiana. We didn't know if she would make it at first; and we thought she had a neurological disorder because she couldn't walk or hold her head straight (hence her name Bumble). With the help of our vets she received vitamin injections, weight gain supplements, antibiotics, and oral vitamins and began to become more stable and somewhat like a normal kitten.

However, something was still off. She wouldn't come when her foster mom shook food, some toys she ignored, and she's a heavy sleeper. It was after some sound tests we realized she was deaf!

Bumble has grown into a chubby and playful kitty who rules the house. Her quirks include; trying to nurse on blankets; hiding anything, (her toys, keys, jewelry, socks, pens) in the litter box; fighting you while trying to change the sheets on the bed; and sneaking in the shower with you if you forget to close the door."

Bumble the deaf kitten needs to have a cardiac work up and spay. We recently brought her to be spayed and was told a heart murmur was detected and the surgery could not be completed without certain (expensive) equipment. After tracking down a vet that has the proper equipment they provided a quote on the following:

❤️ Cardiac work up (determines the level of heart murmur, requires x-ray and EKG machine): $350 🩸Blood panels (to ensure all other organs are working properly): $240 ♀️ Spay (will require heart monitoring equipment and possibly a different kind of anesthesia): $350

It's just under $1000, assuming there are no other issues. Bumble kitty has already overcome so much, we would appreciate any help in completing her medical care.

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