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Adoptions this weekend!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Hey friends!

We are pretty excited about the adoptions/sleepovers from this past weekend, so I thought I'd write a little to tell you about the puppers that went to homes.

We can only take in a new pet when we have an available foster home open and willing, and they've agreed to a new project. When a new intake first arrives, we give them flea and heartworm prevention, dewormer, and if possible, test dogs for heartworms and cats for feline leukemia and fiv. We then schedule their spay/neuter for as soon as possible.

Poppyseed still in the shelter.
Poppyseed in the Shelter

The first adoption finalized this week was Poppyseed! She came to us from New Iberia. We brought her in for a routine spay, which we do with everyone absolutely as soon as we can get an appointment.

Thank goodness we got her when we did, because it turned out she had a hydrometra, and having her spayed as soon as we did saved her a world of trouble.

She had a longish road to

recovery, but after being babied by her foster moms she was finally ready for adoption. Her foster moms lived in the bywater, so getting her to adoption events was always extra work. She is also heartworm positive, and is finished with the slow kill portion of her treatment, but has had some clinical signs of heartworms, so we will be covering the fast kill treatment as well.

Poppy with her Forever Family

If you'd like to donate towards Poppy's care, please donate here: The full amount for the remainder of her treatment is $400.

Our second finalized adoption was Mahlea, a beautiful Anatolian Shepherd pup who came to us from the LASPCA. She didn't quite make it as a service dog but we think she'll be an amazing companion for her new family.

Nutmeg also finalized! A little dachshund/min pin maybe? from the Kinder area who was picked up incredibly pregnant and heartworm positive. She came in, had intestinal parasites, heartworms, and after about a week gifted us with 7 puppies! One of our amazing foster families took care of she and her babies with the utmost attention, got them their dewormings and vaccines, and they were all adopted, and now our sweet girl is adopted too! If you'd like to sponsor her heartworm treatment, donate here: with a note that it's for Nutmeg. The full amount for the remainder of her treatment is $350.

Nutmeg when first found, pregnant and malnourished.
Nutmeg Adopted!

Last but not least of our outright adoptions, FRANKFURTER! Frankie was dumped on our director's porch a few weeks ago, no tag, no chip, no one looking. Intact male dog with heartworms of course. He was fixed, microchipped, started heartworm treatment, was dewormed, and put on flea and heartworm prevention. He went to a wonderful foster family who had a friend who came over and fell in love with him! What amazing luck for a little brindle pitty right?! They had a short sleepover and called it a done deal. Same deal, to donate towards his heartworm treatment, with a note for Frankie.

Ember is from some rescue friends of ours, Greta's Ark Rescue. We invite all of our friends to come hang with us at our weekly petsmart events, and have been joined by our buddies with Bluetails, Greta's Ark, Cane Haven, and Healing Broken Hearts from time to time. We believe in working together to help!

Archer, our adorable little dude on the sleepover with the family, came from New Iberia originally, then was adopted, and recently returned because his adopter fell on hard times. He is adorable, super submissive with other dogs, and super energetic, so we were hard pressed to find him a place to stay on short notice when he came back to us. Thank goodness a foster home came through, and was able to care for him long enough to meet this amazing family with just enough members to hopefully keep him occupied!

Ace came from the LASPCA where he was surrendered so shy that he couldn't be touched. A dedicated staff member there spent an entire month gaining his trust before she approached us about rescuing him. We then had to find a foster home willing to take on an emotional project. Yet again, one of our huge hearted volunteers came forward. Normally she takes on physical projects, dogs that come in with mange, underweight, dogs that need serious physical rehabilitation, so it was a bit of a surprise when Paige stepped up for Ace. She did an amazing job as always and the family that took Ace on his sleepover is Paige approved! He is awaiting heartworm treatment.

Last but certainly not least, weighing in at 121 and over 3 years in foster care, King. King came to us with his wife and two kids from Vermillion Parish. He nearly got adopted the week he came but had an altercation with a cat that sent his adopters home with his lady, Rileigh, instead. His 9 month old pups were adopted soon after, and King proved soon after that his previous life had been that more of a guard dog than a pet and he didn't show well at adoption events, and didn't take too well to strangers. He's had a few interests but no one that could really handle him. In April 2019 he donated blood to save the life of another RRRR dog, Lorelei, who is now happily in a fabulous forever home. He's our buddy, and we wish him the best.

King's first days with us.

King getting snuggles.

King donating blood to save Lorelei's life!
King's sleepover!

We wish them all the best!

To donate to RRRRescue, go to

Thanks for reading, and loving our rescues with us!


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